Memorials 2018

The following Memorials were given to the library in 2018.

January – March

In Memory of John Richlin given by Steve and Sheila Rieman

In Memory of Deceased Members of the Consolidated Sportsmen of Muncy Creeks

In Memory of Lisa Ann Edgerton given by Scott and Anastasia Farrell

In Memory of Gerald S. Dunham given by Scott and Anastasia Farrell

In Memory of Mary Jo Wanagitis Moyer given by the Evangelisti’s

In Memory of Russell Denmon given by Lloyd and Carol Mordan

In Memory of Lee Wayne Peterman given by the Muncy Valley Senior Center

In Memory of Mildred Beatrice Hart Frazier given by Al and Brenda Valletta

April – May

In Memory of Lisa Ann Edgerton given by Anastasia and Scott Farrell, Elizabeth and Frank Schetroma

In Memory of Case N. Ferguson given by Rebecca Ferguson

In Memory of David G. Shultz given by Anastasia and Scott Farrell

In Memory of Dr. Tomas Shoemaker given by Joe and Doris Hemighaus, Dan and Donna Curry, Thomas and Catherine Shannon, Marie and Paul and Francis Kisner, Lorraine Poole, Mathew Dunham and Charlotte Medl, Mary Lou Minnier, Sullivan County Elementary School, James and Bettie Rowe, James and Annabelle Rogers, Katherine Albertini

In Memory of Jerry Campbell given by Mary Lou Minnier

In Memory of Joseph Hallabuk given by Anna Van Allen, Class of 1964 Sullivan County High School

In Memory of Leon (Woody) Woodruff given by Diane Fitzgerald, Jim and Joyce White, David and Lisa Engle, Mark and Michelle Finan, Sean Grananhan, Raymond and Sally Brink, Wayne Terry

In Memory of Lisa Sykes Edgerton given by Sam and Carol Wells

In Memory of Marjorie Houseknecht given by Nelson Armes Unit 601

In Memory of Mike Arabia given by Dan and Donna Curry, Anthony McKee, Marilyn Drake

In Memory of Patrick Witkowski given by Charles and Judith Moore, Stuart and Sandra Layton, Gene and Diane Lalli, James and Annabelle Rogers

June – July

In Memory of Dr. Tomas Shoemaker given by Brandan and Robyne McCobin, Robert and Mary Getz, Wayne and Katrina Golder

In Memory of Leon (Woody) Woodruff given by Dirty Dozen Rod and Gun Club, Theresa Stabrylla, Brandan and Robyne McCobin, Suzanne Weidle, Patti Stoudt, Wayne and Helen Edwards, West End Rack and Claw Club, Alberta Molyneux, Greg and Christine Posly, Ernest Menold, Thomas McGiovern

In Memory of Mike Anthony Arabia given by Mary Lambert

In Memory of Marvin Driscoll given by Mary Lou Shaffer

in Memory of Elizabeth Stevens given by Gretchen Snyder

In Memory of William B. Shaffer, Sr. given by Waldo and Jean Kilmer

August – September

In Memory of Justin Soden given be Linda Fries

In Memory of Jonathan Lewis given be Nelson Armes Auxiliary Unit 601

In Memory of LaVerne McCarty given by Beverly Unruh, Richard and Mary Robbins, Robert and Susan Storch, Marie Kisner, The Hart Family: Jeff, Jennifer, Julie, and Jon, The Cousins of LaVerne: Don Bedford, Ray Bedford, Reva Gilbert, Jeanette Smith, Mary Jane Johnson


In Memory of Bobby McDonald given by Hembury Family Reunion

In Memory of Eileen Desalvio given by Jan and Tom Shoemaker

In Memory of Leon Woodruff given by Harold and Leayn Stockdill

In Memory of LaVerne McCarty given by Pamelyn and Richard Bush, Larry and Grace Derr, Darwin Highley, Bill and Jeanie Hauck, and Dora McCarty

November – December

In Memory of Lisa Edgerton given by Milo Clinton

In Memory of Linda L. McDonald given by Ray McDonald, Francis and Kathleen Moll, Kay Klingler, American Legion Unit 273 Auxiliary, American Legion Unit 957 Auxiliary, Danville Auxiliary American Legion Unit 40, American Legion Centralia Auxiliary Unit 608, Stephenie Chase, Nelson Armes Unit 601 Auxiliary

In Memory of Frank Hauss given by Theresa Stabrylla